Credit Card Care Overseas

All of the benefits mentioned above are really very positive for credit shoppers, but when traveling abroad it is important to keep in mind two aspects.

Your expenses will be concentrated on a single day at the close of the invoice. However, the conversion of the amounts will be based on the currency quotation on the closing day, not the days of purchases. As a result, you may end up paying more than planned.

In addition, there is the IOF (Tax on Financial Transactions), which is a tax on all foreign financial transactions. Currently, this rate is about 6.38% (on each purchase).


Watch the limit

Do not confuse credit with income

When scheduling your trip, anticipate the approximate amount you plan to spend and make sure your card limit allows for these expenses. Please note that once the card limit is reached, it cannot be used for further purchases until the payment of the invoice.


Buy now, pay later

The consumer can make purchases pay only later, at the closing of their invoice. With this, you can buy even if you do not have money on time.



money loan

You can pay the amount of the purchases as many times as you wish, according to the rules of each establishment. This allows you to buy higher value consumer goods and you can, for example, buy furniture for your home or finance a trip with the family.



The card allows you not to walk around with large amounts of cash, giving you more security in daily life. Besides some even offer travel insurance.


Travel & Benefits Programs

credit card

There are a wide variety of benefit programs where you earn points as you use the card and you can use them to redeem for products, services or even miles.


Easy online shopping

Many online stores already offer the option to pay by boleto, but this method turns out to be impractical, since the customer needs to pay it in some lottery, for example, and still wait a few business days for the payment to be confirmed. Also, it is only from the confirmation of payment that the deadline for arrival of the product begins to count.

Credit card optimizes this process and you get the product faster and without leaving home.