1000 Horsepower Chevrolet Corvette C8 Races Tesla Model X Poster

Although both have over 1,000 horsepower, the Tesla Model X Plaid and the C8 Chevy Corvette are very different cars.

The Itsjusta6 YouTube channel is a great example of the hard work and dedication it takes to gain street cred in the racing world. In his latest video, the host proves it once again. The video begins with him telling us that it’s 7:30 in the morning and he just had a blowout on his trailer. Inside the trailer are his Chevy C7 and ZL1 Corvettes and as he informs us he should probably remove the cars before lifting the trailer but since it is 7 am he decides to skip that step and try to lift the trailer with his jack.

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On the edge

Removing the flat tire doesn’t seem too difficult. However, fitting the new wheel does not go so smoothly. Of course, an essential part of the flat tire was missing, the air, which makes the new wheel much bigger. Our presenter misses about a half inch to put the tire on, even after raising the trailer as high as possible. With a bit of luck and some great engineering know-how (he puts it on) he can put the new wheel on and get back in his new Ford SuperDuty Platinum and back to his 12-hour trip to CSP to get some new cams for his two Vehicles.

country roads

Unlike other YouTubers who show off the glamor and glitz of their automotive lives, itsjusta6 enjoys documenting every mishap he encounters, which makes for interesting viewing. In Pennsylvania, our host tells us, this state is home to perhaps the strangest roads in the world. He pulls up in the side lane just a few yards away before telling us the trailer won’t fit.

Then he lets us know that there was no warning and that he will now have to block a highway to turn around. He eventually breaks free and continues to display his frustration with the difference in Pennsylvania roads.

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You have reached your destination

Coincidentally, itsjusta6 reaches its destination after 6 minutes into the video. We meet Andrew from CSP at this point and he shows us some of the cars he’s currently working on as well as his Tesla Model X Plaid. It doesn’t take long until they launch the Tesla to see how fast it is. Our host isn’t disappointed but would like to see how well a 1000 horsepower C8 Corvette performs against the Tesla.

Luckily for us, Andrew has a 1000hp C8 Corvette he works on in the shop! At 3:30 p.m. in the video, the Tesla pulls up next to the twin-turbo Corvette and they both hit it. Immediately, the Tesla pulls away from the Corvette. No competition. The culprit, according to our host, was the grip. The Corvette spins its tires even in fourth gear. They’re both amazing cars, but the EV’s all-wheel drive and instant electric power are too much for the Vette.

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