2023 Chevrolet “Seeker” SUV Unveiled

What? Saying you haven’t heard of the 2023 Chevrolet Seeker SUV? It’s Chevy’s newest compact SUV, falling between the smaller Trailblazer and the larger Equinox. It debuted this week in China, which is its main market. But there is a good chance that it will soon arrive on our shores.

Will the Chevy Seeker SUV come to the United States?

2023 Chevy Seeker Compact SUV | GM

This is because Seeker prototypes have also been spotted in the United States. And we know GM has bigger plans than just China. And while it looks like some of Chevy’s other SUV offerings, note that the silhouette is lower, giving it a sportier appearance. But size-wise, it hits the compact SUV market with a bulls-eye at 178.6 inches long, 61.6 inches tall, with a 106.3-inch wheelbase.

Power comes from a 1.5-litre LP5 EcoTec I4 making 177bhp on petrol, according to CarNewsChina. It’s linked to a CVT transmission, and Chevrolet hasn’t confirmed whether it spins two or four wheels. We expect a hybrid version, although this information does not reveal it.

2023 Chevy Seeker
2023 Chevy Seeker SUV | GM

In the cabin, two 10.25-inch screens run the digital dashboard and infotainment displays. The seats are in perforated leather with red stitching. A Xiaoxue OS wireless charger and system are built-in for things like CarPlay and over-the-air updates. There’s also a panoramic sunroof for those with their heads in the stars.

Seeker styling follows other Chevy SUV models, but with a twist

2023 Chevy Seeker
2023 Chevy Seeker SUV | GM

The development was a combined effort between GM and SAIC-GM in China. The design uses many of today’s Chevrolet SUV styling cues, again aided by the lower roof. The front resembles the Blazer and Trailblazer. An interesting chrome mustache stands out from the main strip running across the grille, towards the parking lamps flanking the sides.

Heavy side sculpting below the belt line ties into the rear window line. It ends with pleated shoulders at the back. Sharper breaks and black rocker arms attached to black plastic wheel arches tie the package together.

At the rear, the rear window leans sharply forward. It’s not as extreme as, say, a Mustang Mach-E, but it looks a lot less boxy than some other compact SUVs. The large taillights and the black air vents penetrate far into the rear quarters, which help to visually shorten the appearance of the rear.

Will there be a hybrid version of the Seeker?

2023 Chevy Seeker
2023 Chevy Seeker SUV | GM

The version shown here is the RS version, which features 18-inch alloy wheels and black paint accents, including the roof. Two RS Seeker will come in two versions in China.

Chevrolet hasn’t revealed pricing for the Seeker yet, but that won’t have much relevance for a US version, especially if hybrid power is on the way. If so, chances are the Seeker is all-wheel-drive. Compact SUVs are a hot segment, so it makes sense that Chevy wants to fill as many gaps in the market as possible.

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