Billings Logan Airport Celebrates New Electric Vehicle Chargers

Electric vehicles are here and their demand continues to grow. Sure, the classic throaty V8 sound resonates deep within us, but it’s inevitable that we’ll migrate to a predominantly electric vehicle society. All is not lost, however, as they are super fast, usually filled with all sorts of gimmicks and gadgets, and over time… range anxiety goes away.

New electric vehicle chargers at the BLIA Express car park

Next Thursday, June 30, at 2 p.m., Billings Logan International Airport welcomes everyone to a groundbreaking event to bring 6 new electric vehicle chargers into service. Kevin Ploehn, Billings Director of Aviation and Transit, offered this:

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and we wanted to be able to offer this service to the traveling public if they were driving their electric vehicle into Billings Airport to catch a flight.

Pretty cool to have even more charging options for locals and tourists. Speaking of charging, did you know that Billings already offers a few electric charging stations? In reality, Billings has a wide selection.


Constantly adding and improving, Billings has two locations that will receive Chargers over the next year.

  • Town Pump – 517 Shiloh
    • The Montana Department of Environmental Quality awarded Northwestern Energy a grant to install 1 fast charging station and a Level 2 “ChargePoint Express” charger
  • Target in the heights
    • No details readily available

Tesla only

A few years ago, Tesla installed one of its “Supercharger” stations in Billings, which (for now) only works on Tesla vehicles. You will find the Supercharger at 1801 Majestic Lane (Big Horn Resort).

Universal (sort of)

As with almost all other cars, here is a list of Billings/Lockwood charging locations only (data from

  • Volvo submarine
  • Archie’s Used Vehicle Center
  • moose lodge
  • Associates in Neurology
  • Skypoint (with 50 feet of cable)
  • Wells Fargo parking lot
  • Park Two parking lot
  • Yellowstone Transportation Authority
  • Billings KOA Holiday – Garden Avenue
  • Bretz RV & Marine

I would err on the side of caution with some places, and just make sure they are public first, but that’s a lot of options for the electric car user!

Range anxiety? A thing of the past.

My car, a 21 year old Kia K5, averages 27 MPG. Which at a 15 gallon tank times the current gas price (4.89/gal at Conoco on the 27th) is $73.35 to run it…and I get (can -be) 400 miles for one tank.

On the other hand, the national average to fully charge a Tesla is nearly $14. And let’s say you have a Tesla Model 3 Long Range, which is the best-selling model, you get (maybe) 358 Miles per charge (full disclosure, Tesla limits your battery for normal daily driving, ie say only for highway mode).

Huge savings for almost the same range as my Kia, but… my Kia was also $32,000 less than the lot. A long-range Model 3? $60,000 (before “potential savings”)

Over time, electric cars will take over. With incredible range, lower prices, and a better overall experience (nothing will replace floorboards with amazing exhaust, though). At least you can rest easy knowing that Billings is electric car friendly!

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