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The next meeting of the Carson City Board of Supervisors will be Thursday, June 16, beginning at 8:30 a.m. in the Bob Crowell Conference Room at the Community Center, located at 851 E. William Street.

Members of the public who only wish to view the meeting but do NOT plan to make public comments can watch the live stream of the Supervisory Board meeting at and by clicking “En class” then on the date of the meeting or by tuning into cable channel 191.

The public may provide public comments prior to a meeting by written submission to the following email address: [email protected] For inclusion or reference in the meeting minutes, your public comment must include your full name and be submitted by email no later than 3:00 p.m. the day before the meeting. Public comments during a meeting are limited to three minutes per speaker.

Among the items on the agenda:
– Discussion and possible action will take place regarding Amendment #2 to the One Nevada Agreement on Allocation of Opioid Recoveries to provide Carson City’s authorization for the state to receive funds through the negotiated resolution of claims in any lawsuit related to opioids.

Funds will be used to pay for attorney fees, lead attorney fees, required Medicaid reimbursements, and, if applicable, the allocation of Carson City settlement funds to Carson City.

— A final recommendation will be made for the Community Development Block Grant credits from the Governor’s Office for Economic Development. Carson City’s allocation for fiscal year 2023 is $482,788. Staff recommends allocation of $35,000 to public service programs (7.24%); $330,000 to public improvement projects (68.5%); and $48,278 for grant administration (10%). The remaining $69,510 would be allocated in the next grant cycle. A maximum of 15% is allowed for utilities, a minimum of 65% must be spent on public facilities and improvements, and a maximum of 10% is allowed for administration.

— Discussions will take place on 11 agenda items, all related to zoning changes, including changes from single family residence to public neighborhood, from low/medium density residence to parks and recreation, and more.

Additionally, the Empire Cemetery, located at 5480 Morgan Mill Road, will be rezoned from General Industrial to Conservation Reserve to create consistency in master plan designations.

– Discussion and possible action will take place regarding a contract between Carson City and Core West, Inc. to construct a new facility for a combined emergency operations center, fire station and emergency dispatch center of relief to meet the needs of a growing population, and to improve emergency management and preparedness capabilities for Carson City.

– Discussion and possible action will take place regarding a medico-legal support services agreement between Washoe County and Carson City for an amount not to exceed $127,079 for medico-legal services provided by the County Sheriff’s Office of Washoe, excluding toxicology services.

— There will be a second reading of a draft ordinance containing various provisions relating to administrative appeals in matters of land use and zoning. If enacted, the ordinance will establish various provisions governing administrative remedies.

— The Carson City Sheriff’s Office is seeking approval for food purchase agreements for Carson City Jail inmates in the amount of $250,000 to be split among four major vendors: BakeMark, National Food Group, Nicholas and Company and Franco American Baking Company.

– The Carson City Fire Department is seeking approval to purchase personal protective equipment for fiscal year 2023 in an amount not to exceed $125,000 and emergency medical services equipment for fiscal year 2023. an amount not exceeding $160,000.

– Discussion and possible action will take place regarding the purchase of two Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HDs instead of two Ford F-350s for an amount not to exceed $103,286.94 using a contract between the State of Nevada and Michael Hohl Motor Company.

On December 2, 2021, the council approved the purchase of 26 replacement city vehicles, including two fire department vehicles with the Carson City Streets Division that were to be replaced with Ford F-350 trucks; however, the trucks were not available for purchase. Both purchases were planned and are being funded under the approved capital improvement vehicle replacement program for fiscal year 2022.

– Discussion and possible action will take place regarding a proposed modification of a lease extension by and between a Delaware LLC and Carson City on behalf of the Carson City Department of Health and Human Services at the rate of $25,116 per year for a year ending June 30, 2023.

The Sierra Medical Complex and the city entered into a lease agreement in July 2020 in the Capital Plaza business center on E. William Street for $24,300 per year. Staff recommend renewing the lease.

– The Carson City Department of Health and Human Services is seeking approval to apply for an Emergency Solutions Housing Grant for approximately $65,000. CCHHS applies for a grant each year, and the grant period is two years. The grant includes additional funding for the street outreach project that is eligible for this grant.

– Discussion and possible action will take place regarding the establishment of a full-time grant-funded Public Health Program Specialist position within the Carson City Department of Health and Human Services, which will provide services to CCHHS Public Health Preparedness Division. This will replace a temporary position that was contracted through an external agency.

– Discussion and possible action will take place regarding a proposal to grant a non-exclusive easement of Carson City to Sierra Pacific Power to construct a transformer and meter to supply power to the Carson City Rifle and Pistol Range.

— Discussion and possible action will take place regarding a proposed administrative consent order between the city and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Carson City voluntarily agrees to take specific actions to remedy alleged violations and prevent future violations under the Wastewater Pretreatment Program.

In September 2020, the EPA conducted an audit of the program, which identified no environmental damage caused by the city. However, the audit identified improvements the city should make to improve its ability to document, monitor and enforce program compliance.

— Discussion and possible action will take place regarding the report of the Annual Technology Fund, which is a separate account in the general fund, the money from which is to be used to acquire or improve technology at the assessor’s office. There is currently a balance of $173,569.03, which will be used for future expenses of the computerized mass assessment system.

– Discussion and possible action will take place regarding an extension of the contract between the city and Ion Wave Technologies, Inc. for Carson City’s continued access to Nevada Government Electronic Marketplace procurement software through fiscal year 2027, for an amount not exceeding $86,250.

– Discussion and possible action will take place regarding the Carson City Airport Authority’s requests to the FAA for a $5.4 million grant, with an additional 6.25% CCAA match in the amount of $360,915.62 to fund the relocation of the Automated Weather Observation System, Approach Light System installation, and the design and construction of a new terminal.

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