Check Out This Lucky Family’s Giant Collection Of Classic Cars In Texas

On the Heart Of Texas Barn Finds And Classics YouTube channel, Thomas and Adrian walk through a property that contains a family’s extensive collection of cars, trucks and SUVs dating back decades, including many classic cars including Chevrolet Impalas, Bel Airs, Novas and more.

Watch the video to see what they find in this impressive walk through memory in a field of interesting classics.

Discovery of giant barn and collection of family cars

While walking around the property, they first come across a classic Pontiac Firebird which is in poor condition. The interior is missing from the car and obvious prolonged exposure to the elements has taken its toll.

Parked near the Firebird are other notable GM vehicles, including a Z28 Camaro, a Chevrolet El Camino, and a Buick Riviera.

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They come across a 1956 Chevy 2-door that’s missing many interior components but is otherwise nearly complete, a common theme throughout this property thanks to the dry, hot Texas climate that minimizes the rust and rot these cars could experience. in other parts of the country.

With the right TLC, most of these cars are restorable.

Interest in Findings from the Sleeping American Barn

They pass numerous Chevrolet Impalas throughout the property, but two in particular, a blue and a red, catch their attention.

The red has a white interior and is in overall good condition – the car is intact on the outside and the interior appears to be all there although there are comments that the floor will need to be replaced, and it appears that the headliner will need to be replaced.

They mention that they can make an offer for the red Impala.

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As they explore the rest of the property, they come across several other classic vehicles including several Chevy Novas, a Chevy Bel Air sedan among others.

There are also several cars parked on the property since the 90s, showing the full extent of the decades of history the family has on their property.

Finally, they take a look at Grandma’s 1957 Chevy Bel Air parked under a carport.

This is one of the best preserved cars on the property and the guys mention that it will more than likely stay in the family.

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