Dennis Collins rescues a historic 1963 Chevrolet Impala Sport in a drive-by rescue

Dennis Collins and the last of his YouTube channel classic car rescue involves a trip to Houston to recover a 1963 Chevy Impala – it’s an episode filled with the usual exploits as Collins gives his latest acquisition one more time before he shakes the deal.

And typical of a car that’s been sitting in a garage for 20 years, it takes some extra effort to free it from its prison.

While few car enthusiasts will ignore the rescue of a piece of automotive history like a 1963 Impala, the video also offers an interesting look at another side of the classic auto industry, in particular, Collins takes viewers as he ships a Porsche 356 to the UK for restoration.

This is your chance to get a taste of the classics the rest of the world is buying from the United States.

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Sending a Porsche 356 for restoration

Collins’ trip to Houston first involves a stop at a shipping company with a Porsche 356 – it’s a car he picked up in a previous episode but needs a full restoration.

Given the peculiarities of the economy, it is cheaper to get the job done in the UK than in the US. These quirks also reflect the fact that it costs less (around $1,000) to send a car from Houston to the UK than to drive across the country to the US.

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Rising global demand for classic cars

As Collins drops off the Porsche, he encounters a warehouse full of notable classics – these are cars purchased in the United States that will soon find their way to other countries.

Collins quickly gleans that the most sought-after vehicles are Volkswagen trucks and “Microbuses” (particularly later models).

Javier of the shipping company confirms Collins’ observations and adds that Bel Airs, Cadillacs, Oldsmobiles, Buicks and Lincolns are also popular among overseas collectors.

We also learn that a majority go to the UK, Sweden and Germany.

Rescue a classic 1963 Chevy Impala Sport

The video ends with Collins buying a disused 1963 Impala Sport Coupe with a 283 cubic inch V8.

While the car has seen better days, it’s nothing that some repairs or restoration can’t take care of – and thanks to its one-family ownership and Texas-only history, this Chevy offers a bit of welcome pedigree.

Further adding to the Impala’s value is a collection of authentic documentation, including the original title and owner’s manual.

Via: YouTube/Dennis Collins

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