Does the 2022 Chevy Colorado have High Country luxury trim?

Buying a midsize truck means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Even vans are only worth buying for some people if they are truly luxurious. Plus, those familiar with Chevrolet’s full-size truck, the Silverado, know that there’s a High Country luxury trim at the top of the line. Does the 2022 Chevy Colorado have High Country luxury trim? Are the high-end Colorado versions worth buying? The 2022 GMC Canyon Denali could be the perfect alternative.

There’s No 2022 Chevy Colorado High Country

Chevrolet Colorado 2022 | Chevy

At the top of the 2022 Chevy Silverado lineup is the High Country model. As the Chevrolet equivalent of the GMC Denali versions, it’s loaded with value. Unfortunately, it starts at over $60,000, almost $20,000 more than the starting price of the Silverado WT. As a result, even the maximum luxury looks expensive. Luckily, the pain is eased by luxury features like running board side steps, a premium Bose sound system, wireless charger, and more.

You might want similar treatment if you’re upgrading to a mid-size truck. According to Edmunds, no luxury-focused trim level sits at the top of the Colorado lineup. Instead, a ZR2 off-road model is designed for mud riding, starting at $45,395. Although it is intended for off-roading, it is still packed with luxurious amenities. For example, heated seats, Bose sound system, rear parking sensors, spray-on bed liner, and more. However, most of these comfort items come with the LT and Z71 versions, which are less expensive.

The only reason to go for the ZR2 trim level is off-road. Plus, the standard features make it the perfect mid-size truck for driving away from the road. It has off-road tires, raised suspension, special shocks, electronic locking rear differential, hill descent control, off-road suspension, and more.

The Best Chevy Colorado Luxury Alternative

Black 2023 GMC Canyon Denali midsize truck laid down
2023 GMC Canyon Denali | GMC

Alternatively, if the off-road features don’t do it for you, there is a way to get a luxury Chevy Colorado. With some car manufacturers, it may be convenient that many models are identical. For the 2022 Chevy Colorado, it’s the GMC Canyon, its corporate cousin. Fortunately, the Canyon line offers a Denali trim level, which is close to what we expect from a Colorado High Country.

The Sierra 1500 Denali and Silverado High Country have a lot in common for full-size trucks. That’s why we’d expect these luxury models to be the same if Colorado offered one. Plus, buying a Canyon Denali will set you back $42,395. Accordingly, equipment such as wireless charging, leather upholstery, Bose audio system, ventilated front seats, heated steering wheel, spray-on bedliner, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and rear parking sensors are standard.

This model comes with similar luxury features as the Colorado ZR2 and more, and it’s also less expensive. At a lower starting price, it’s obvious the Canyon lacks off-road capabilities. However, anyone who wants a high-quality, luxurious midsize truck will love the 2022 GMC Canyon Denali. Buying the most expensive 2022 Chevy Colorado is a waste if you don’t take it off-road.

There’s No 2022 Chevy Colorado High Country

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Unfortunately, the 2022 Chevy Colorado lineup does not offer a High Country trim level. Unlike its big brother, the Silverado, Chevrolet has not yet implemented a pure luxury model. Instead, the top trim is completely off-road oriented, titled ZR2. However, there is a corporate cousin equivalent, the 2022 GMC Canyon, which offers a luxury alternative. If you’re looking for a luxurious Chevy Colorado, buy the GMC Canyon Denali instead.

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