Doug DeMuro Explains Why GMC Typhoon SUV’s Engine Says “Syclone”

The automotive YouTuber shows us some of the original features of the high-performance SUV from the 90s.

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via Doug DeMuro’s YouTube channel

Doug DeMuro is one of our favorite automotive YouTubers. He finds some of the coolest quirks and features in some of today’s cars, whether supercars or family electric vehicles. However, DeMuro also loves a good retro review. His last is on the 1993 General Engines GMC Typhoon, something it calls the original high-performance SUV. It’s the first performance SUV before a long line we’re now used to, and it explains why this Typhoon, which is up for auction on Cars and Bids, has an engine with the name “Syclone”.

The Syclone engine under the hood

The Typhoon is primarily based on the GMC Jimmy of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and creating a high-performance SUV back then was quite an effort. Under the Typhoon’s hood is the centerpiece, a 4.3-liter V6, the same engine as the Jimmy, but now turbocharged. This means the engine produces 280 hp and 320 lb-ft of torque. The engine received upgrades to deal with the supercharger, such as parts from the GM 5.7-liter V8 engine. The engine says “Syclone” and not Typhoon. Why? Well, the Typhoon came after the high-performance GMC Syclone pickup truck. As the Syclone was the first, the engine of the Typhoon, the same engine, took the name Syclone.

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Some other quirks and characteristics of the typhoon

Engine bay Doug DeMuro GMC Typhoon
via Doug DeMuro’s YouTube channel

DeMuro, of course, likes to cycle through lots of quirks and features, and he’s got plenty of that with the Typhoon. DeMuro points out that, compared to the Jimmy, the Typhoon was all-wheel drive. The Typhoon borrowed the four-wheel-drive system from the Chevrolet Astro minivan to give it off-road capabilities. DeMuro then enters the Typhoon, which involves figuring out which of the three keys you need to use to enter the car!

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Some of the internal quirks

Doug DeMuro GMC Typhoon Rear Window Switches
via Doug DeMuro’s YouTube channel

The interior itself is pretty cool, with the right-angled 1990s feel that General Motors seemed to like back then. One of the first quirks DeMuro pointed out is the Typhoon badge on the glove box – the one thing that makes the interior stand out from the Jimmy. Pretty weird. Do you like switch-related quirks? DeMuro points out that the switches that control the rear windows faded faster than the rest of the switches inside the Typhoon, as did the rear wiper and defroster switches. DeMuro points out that these were from a different supplier, so funnily enough all the rear control switches faded faster than the others!

Source: Doug DeMuro YouTube Channel

Syclone GMC
10 things everyone forgot about the Syclone and Typhoon GMC

GMC’s Syclone and Typhoon were two of the fastest factory vehicles of their day, capable of killing Corvettes and Ferraris.

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