Future potential market for LEVs in last mile delivery

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  • The majority of businesses and users are hesitant to adopt LEV due to outdated concerns about range and reliability.
  • As part of the automotive sector strategy, NIDLP aims to attract 3-4 international manufacturers to locally manufacture EVs.
  • the mass production of batteries and tax incentives available will reduce the cost of the EV, making it cost effective and the preferred choice.
  • Cities like NEOM and SPARK integrate smart mobility into their town planning

Small-format electric vehicles could gain momentum in the near future, given their low fuel and maintenance costs. They are also less dependent on the charging infrastructure, as their power requirements are lower and they are more likely to be offered in models that allow battery swapping.

Electric vehicles in food and grocery delivery sectors set to penetrate faster due to the availability of hybrid models. Major demand regions such as central and western Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam and AL-Khobar being the major cities) to witness the penetration of LEV in the near future.

Service contracts: To keep platforms lightweight, service contracts with strategic partners (for EV deployment and charging infrastructure) have high potential for deployment.

Several gaps in the LEV market such as a limited lineup of hybrid cars, high prices, insufficient battery range and an underdeveloped charging ecosystem remain to be filled.
Fleet operators have to create and manage the vehicle service infrastructure and charging infrastructure themselves due to the limited availability of existing facilities in the public domain.

The report entitled Future Potential Market for LEVs in Saudi Arabia’s Last Mile Delivery Industry – Supportive government policies and better availability of charging infrastructure to boost LEV sales in Saudi Arabia market to generate market revenueby Ken Research suggested that the light electric vehicle market is expected to grow in the near future due to available tax benefits and practical use. The advent of e-commerce, food and grocery deliveries leading to a rapid increase in demand for last mile deliveries as well as government initiatives regarding EV infrastructure and policies will increase its sale in the near future. to come up. The market is expected to register a positive ten year CAGR of 4.0% in terms of last mile delivery fleets during the forecast period 2020-2030F.

Key segments covered by the KSA LEV market

Commercial potential for LEVs in industry KSA CEP

  • CEP market size
  • Total number of courier shipments
  • Saudi Arabia’s e-commerce landscape
  • Main categories of the e-commerce market
  • Total number of e-commerce orders
  • Total number of vehicles deployed
  • Competition scenario in the KSA CEP market
  • Future projections towards LEV penetration in the messaging segment

Commercial potential for LEVs in the KSA grocery delivery market

  • KSA Online Grocery Ecosystem
  • KSA Online Grocery Market Size
  • KSA Online Grocery Market Concentration
  • KSA Online Grocery Market Segments
  • Total number of orders
  • Total number of vehicles deployed
  • Competitive Scenario in Saudi Arabia Grocery Delivery Market
  • Future projections towards LEV penetration in the grocery delivery segment

Commercial potential for LEVs in the food delivery market in Saudi Arabia

  • Landscape of food delivery companies in Saudi Arabia
  • KSA Online Food Delivery Market Size
  • Total number of orders
  • Total number of vehicles deployed
  • Saudi Arabia Food Delivery Market Competition Scenario
  • Future projections towards LEV penetration in the food delivery segment

Key target audience

  • LEV Manufacturers
  • LEV Dealers / Distributors
  • Courier and parcel companies
  • E-commerce companies
  • Grocery delivery companies
  • Food delivery companies

Period captured in the report:
Historical period: 2015-2020
Forecast period: 2020-2030

Covered companies:

EV Manufacturers

  • You’re here
  • Bmw
  • Chevrolet
  • Renault
  • Hyundai
  • Nissan

CEP Industry

  • Saudi Post
  • Naquel Express
  • SMSA Express
  • DHL
  • Aramex
  • UPS
  • FedEx / TNT

Grocery delivery companies

  • Nana Direct
  • Zadfresh
  • Danube
  • crossroads
  • Qarib

Food delivery companies

  • Hunger station
  • Careem
  • Jahez
  • Talabat
  • Mrsol

Main topics covered in the report

  • Global Electric Vehicle Market Overview
  • Genesis and market overview KSA LEV
  • Ecosystem of Key LEV Market Entities in Saudi Arabia
  • Charging infrastructure for the LEV market in Saudi Arabia
  • KSA last mile delivery market overview
  • Number of orders / shipments in Saudi Arabia’s last mile market
  • Number of fleets deployed for last mile delivery
  • Business potential for LEVs in Saudi Arabia CEP industry including e-commerce landscape in Saudi Arabia
  • Commercial potential for LEVs in the KSA grocery delivery market
  • Commercial potential for LEVs in the food delivery market in Saudi Arabia
  • Scenario and regulatory framework in the LEV market in Saudi Arabia
  • Opinions of industry experts on the adoption of LEVs
  • Difference in costs of electric vehicles compared to ICE vehicles – Cost-benefit analysis
  • Viable supply chain model for adoption and delivery of LEV in Saudi Arabia
  • Average distance traveled Saudi Arabia
  • Supply chain Electric vehicle Saudi Arabia
  • Cost-benefit analysis LEV
  • Saudi Arabia charging infrastructure
  • KSA Last Mile Delivery Market Size
  • Landscape of courier companies Saudi Arabia
  • Competition scenario Electric vehicle Saudi Arabia
  • Regulatory Scenario Saudi Arabia LEV Market
  • Regulatory framework Saudi Arabia LEV market
  • Government policy Saudi Arabia LEV market
  • Global sales of COVID 19 impact electric vehicles
  • Sun Mobility Battery Exchange Station Case Study
  • Electric vehicle COVID Impact Saudi Arabia
  • Potential opportunities Last mile delivery
  • Potential opportunities Light electric vehicle
  • Challenges in the light electric vehicle market
  • Current landscape of the LEV offer in Saudi Arabia
  • Main Transactions / Transactions for LEVs in Saudi Arabia
  • Impact of COVID 19 on sales of electric vehicles
  • Analysis and future projections for LEVs in Saudi Arabia
  • Opportunity analysis of a LEV in the delivery of the last mile
  • LEV Last Mile Delivery Case Studies
  • Recommendations / Success factors
  • Research methodology
  • appendix

For more information on the research report, refer to the link below:

Future Potential Market for LEV in Saudi Arabia Last Mile Delivery Industry – Favorable Government Policies and Improved Availability of Charging Infrastructure to Drive LEV Sales in Saudi Arabia Market

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