GAC Motor Launches New Car Series At Abuja Auto Show


GAC Motor, a leading automaker, presented its new series of cars at the 21st Abuja International Motor Show.

The company said it made the official debut of the GAC Motor series in the country’s federal capital during the auto show which kicked off on November 16.

GAC Motor Nigeria President Chief Diana Chen, who was represented by General Manager, Commercial GAC Motor Mr. Jubril Arogundade, spoke about areas for growth within the industry and how the company will continue. to foster the initiatives necessary to drive the growth of the industry.

A statement from the company quoted him as saying, “We have a huge market but reduced purchasing power.” According to him, alternative payment assistance is the solution to the looming challenges that plague the sector.

He added, “The government should look at how it can provide auto financing. We have partnerships with commercial banks to see how we can provide loans to our customers. ”

According to the company, it has launched a wide range of development projects in Nigeria, some of which include the recent celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria. According to the company, it has launched its GN8 series.

The company said: “The security component of the GS8 is second to none because the car can be opened and locked with a smartwatch. It was also a good place to take advantage of unbeatable discounts on any car of their choice. The newer GN8 got a 25% discount, while the other Pavilion car models got a 10% discount.

The company added that it had kept its promise as officials from Wema Bank were present to facilitate customers’ auto financing plans.

He said: “For Wema Bank account holders, they can buy the car on loan and also opt for the ‘Drive now, pay later’ plan. Customers who do not have a Wema Bank account also have access to these offers provided they open a Wema Bank.

Meanwhile, the company revealed that it was sponsoring the 21st Abuja International Motor Show which was held in the annex of the international conference center, Garki. The company added that its Motor Pavilion, an 89-foot building, was the center of automotive progress, as guests converged around it.

The company said, “Following this flagship edition of GAC, we introduced the GS3, GS4, GS8 and GA4 series; each of these came with their own unique features, one of which is how the GS8 can start with a smartwatch. ”


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