Rowland Police get new rides

ROWLAND – Two new police vehicles are patrolling the city, according to Rowland Police Chief Hubert Graham.

The police department recently received two Chevrolet Tahoe SUVs after the city board of commissioners approved the purchase. One of the vehicles is unmarked, according to Graham.

And the police chief has already received positive feedback from the community, he said.

The vehicles cost $37,500 each and outfitting the vehicles with additional police equipment cost about $5,000 per vehicle, according to city clerk David Townsend.

“I’m grateful we got them… It’s a hell of an investment,” Graham said.

One vehicle was received April 28 after being outfitted and the other arrived at the department this month, Graham said.

“We needed these new vehicles,” Townsend said.

The last time the department received new vehicles was in 2016, Graham said.

The new vehicles bring the police department’s fleet to seven.

Patrolling a small town can be “tough on vehicles,” Graham said.

Patrol vehicles drive 12 to 14 hours a day in the city and continually have to stop and go, he said. Thus, vehicles must be replaced regularly.

Graham told the Robesonian he wanted to express his gratitude to the town commissioners for the purchase. The police chief said he hopes the vehicles can provide 10 years of service to Rowland residents as the department continues its work to serve and protect the city.

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