Spokane police investigate possible arson and assault crimes after burning man arrives at hospital

The man who arrived at a Spokane hospital earlier this week while still on fire may have been intentionally set on fire, according to court documents.

Providence Holy Family Hospital workers told police Steven Maupin-Bureau, 23, arrived with burns at North Spokane Hospital around 1:15 p.m. Monday in a private vehicle.

“Steven was screaming and burning when he arrived,” employees said in documents.

Authorities learned that 30% of Maupin-Bureau’s body had been burned when he arrived at the hospital, according to court records. Hospital staff intubated Maupin-Bureau before he was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Harborview staff told police Maupin-Bureau was in critical condition with second- and third-degree burns to his face.

The hospital was unable to provide Maupin-Bureau’s status on Saturday.

Holy Family Hospital surveillance showed that two women, believed to be Maupin-Bureau’s girlfriend and mother, arrive at the hospital in a gold 2007 Chevrolet HHR with Maupin-Bureau inside. Maupin-Bureau’s clothes reeked of a flammable substance that smelled of gasoline or kerosene, according to documents.

Maupin-Bureau’s mother, Dawn Dawson, told officers that Maupin-Bureau had called her earlier in the day asking for money. Dawson said his son owed a lot of people money for drugs. She said she provided money to Maupin-Bureau through an electronic payment application.

Officers located the Chevrolet parked in the area of ​​Regal Street and Queen Avenue northeast of Spokane. Area residents told officers that a person named “River” set Maupin-Bureau on fire earlier in the day.

The owner of the Chevrolet told police she saw Maupin-Bureau exit through the front door of a double-wide trailer at 3628 E. Princeton Ave. at Hillyard, crying out for help and his skin was burned. Someone tried to extinguish Maupin-Bureau with a garden hose in tow.

The Chevy owner helped load Maupin-Bureau into the Chevy before the other two women took him to the hospital, documents show.

Neighbors told police that “River” lived at the Princeton Avenue address. Officers identified a potential suspect, but that person was not arrested or charged on Sunday, according to prison records.

Officers secured the perimeter around the Princeton Avenue home and were unable to contact occupants inside the residence. The branches of a small tree or bush outside the house were charred and appeared to have been burned at some point, according to court records.

Police believe the crimes of first degree assault and first degree arson have occurred and are continuing to investigate.

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