Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton flees his home in a truck with his wife, Senator Angela Paxton, to avoid a subpoena

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton went to great lengths to avoid receiving a subpoena on Monday, fleeing his home driven in a truck by his wife, State Senator Angela Paxton, an affidavit filed before a federal court and obtained by the Texas Tribune reveal. The state’s top attorney is said to have deliberately avoided and even shunned a bailiff. Ernesto Martin Herrera was attempting to serve Paxton with a subpoena to appear and testify during a federal court hearing on Tuesday in a lawsuit filed by nonprofits seeking to block potential criminal charges for those who help women get abortions out of state. According to court documents, Herrera engaged in a back-and-forth at Paxton’s front door with a woman who identified herself as “Angela” and said her husband was on the phone and “rushed to leave”. Having already identified Texas AG as being inside the house, Herrera waited in his car for an hour when he saw the garage door open and Paxton exit. As soon as Herrera got out of his car and called out his name, Paxton ‘ran back inside the house. A few minutes later, Angela left the house, got inside a black Chevrolet truck parked in the driveway, and started the engine, “leaving the back door behind the driver’s side open.” Herrera said that while he was waiting, “Mr. Paxton ran from the door inside the garage to the rear door behind the driver’s side. I approached the truck and called his name loudly and I said I had court papers for him. Mr. Paxton ignored me and continued walking towards the truck. Herrera eventually placed the court papers next to the truck, but Angela and Ken Paxton stayed behind. inside the vehicle and left, “leaving the documents on the ground”.

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