The mid-size ‘Ram 1200’ Ranger fighter is coming in late 2022!

This Ram news is a no-brainer, with the success of Ford’s midsize Ranger pickup and smaller Maverick. Stellantis South America president Antonio Filosa disclosed to reporters in a virtual meeting that Ram is producing a “Ram 1200 one-piece pickup.” He said the midsize Ram would be built at the Pernambuco, Brazil, plant where the Jeep Renegade is currently built.

What will the new midsize Ram 1200 look like?

2023 RAM 1200 speculation | Stellantis: Mo

It will use the same 4×4 platform as the Jeep Compass SUV in the US, albeit stretched and widened. This is according to Autos Segredos of Brazil. A longer version of Compass is sold in other countries as Jeep Commander and in India as Meridian. These also share some external sheetmetal with the American Compass.

So based on that, it’s expected to look like a truck version of the Commander, which we’ve hinted at in the main image. Size wise, this will be the general size of a Ford Ranger. In South America, it will compete against the Chevy S-10, Ranger, Toyota Hilux and many more in this popular segment.

What engines will the midsize Ram 1200 have?

Jeep Commander 2022
Jeep Commander 2022 | Stellantide

And the Ram 1200 will be sold in the United States. We don’t know which factory it will be made in, but it will most likely be in Toluca, Mexico. This is where the current compass is made. At least for the South American market, it should be powered by either the 2.0-liter turbocharged Tiger Shark or the 2.2-liter Multijet II turbo diesel.

Curiously, a 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo diesel is also in the works for Latin America. Then, in 2024, Stellantis will launch a 1.0 and 1.3-liter Firefly hybrid turbo engine. Again, we don’t expect these types of diesel or smaller engines to come our way.

What else does the Tiger Shark engine come in?

Side view of the black Ram 700, which the 2024 Ram Dakota may borrow from, highlighting the Dakota's release date and price

The 2024 Ram Dakota could have similar styling to the Ram 700 | RAM

The Tiger Shark is also used in the smaller Ram 700 and similar Fiat Toro. Both of these pickups are smaller, and we’re expecting the Ram versions to go up against the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Fe. So far, no official word on what’s going on.

For the US, we expect the Ram 1200 to get a larger displacement version, or possibly the Pentastar V6. Of course, four-wheel drive will be available, as well as the nine-speed automatic transmission.

Is Chevy selling the Colorado in Latin America?

2022 Chevy S-10

Chevrolet S-10 2022 | GM

Ford’s Ranger has been sold in other countries since 2011, but only recently appeared here in 2019. Chevy’s S-10 is the new Colorado-based midsize truck sold outside of North America. It’s basically a Colorado with round wheel openings instead of square for the US. Cabs and chassis are virtually identical.

As with the Ram 700, Chevy also has a small unibody pickup for Latin America called the Montana. A new version will be released later this year, based on the Onyx platform used by the Chevy Tracker. And like the 700, we expect it, or something similar, to hit the US if the Maverick continues to sell well. It looks like Ram and Chevy are using the Maverick as some sort of stalking horse.

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