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Cadillac will officially begin its march to becoming a fully electric automaker by 2030 when deliveries of the Lyriq EV SUV begin next year. But what about the rest of the range? We know the Celestiq electric sedan is slated to hit the 2023 front axle, and a trademark filing with the Symboliq name was discovered last year, but that’s about it. So far, as brand documents uncovered in Europe point to three new models that will join the EV party before Cadillac’s plan to kill all combustion vehicles by 2030 goes into effect. The Cadillac Vistiq and Lumistiq will continue the esoteric trend to adorn all Cadillac electric vehicles with a -iq suffix. While the Escalade IQL’s moniker apparently intends to simply electrocute Cadillac’s most recognizable nameplate.

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It is not known at the moment what type of vehicles Vistiq and Lumistiq could adorn. At least one of them should be a smaller SUV given the popularity of the segment. However, Tesla has shown us that sedans still have an important role to play.

Without a doubt, the Cadillac Escalade IQL will arrive as a large, premium SUV, the same role the nameplate currently occupies in the Cadillac hierarchy. It is not known if IQL is a combination of the -iq suffix and the L indicates a long-wheelbase variant. If so, it would indicate the presence of Escalade IQ and Escalade IQL.

At CES in January, GM gave us a hazy glimpse of a slew of additional EVs the automaker is planning for all of its brands, it’s not clear if any of the hidden vehicles could be one of the Vistiq or Lumistiq. However, other than the Lyriq and Celestiq which sat front and center, none of the other vehicles emitted the same light signature as the pair of Cadillac EVs.

We believe the Cadillac Escalade IQ (Yeah) or Escalade IQL could be the first on the scene. With the Escalade traditionally running on the same platform as full-size pickup trucks from Chevrolet and GMC, it is likely that development of the electric Escalade is already underway alongside the Chevrolet SIlverado EV, which will be unveiled at CES 2022.

The location of these trademark stores also tells us about Cadillac’s future plans to re-enter the European market.

Traditionally, the brand has struggled in the Old World, a combination of an underdeveloped dealer network and the lack of a diesel powertrain. The upcoming electrification of the brand’s entire lineup should at least level the playing field when it comes to propulsion, as several countries pledge to ban the sale of electric vehicles in the not too distant future.

Does this move also tip the hand of a broader plan to reintegrate General Motors into the EU? Maybe maybe.

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