The real electric truck war starts in 2023

The emerging segment of electric vans is going to be extremely competitive. With the segment being so new, automakers are racing to produce the best electric truck and dominate the charts. Rivan and Ford have already produced electric truck options. Chevrolet and Ram are hot on their heels. People are already comparing the Rivian R1T to the Ford F-150 Lightning, but the real electric truck war begins in 2023.

There aren’t enough electric trucks yet for a solid benchmark

The Rivian R1T Launch Edition 2022 | Charles Singh for Motor Biscuit

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Top vehicles set the standard in the auto industry, and other automakers are trying to take the top spot among the most popular vehicles. The Ford F-150 and Ram 1500 are the trucks to beat in the full-size pickup segment. There are many model years that reflect the quality of these trucks. These pickup trucks have rocked the charts and captured the hearts of consumers year after year.

The electric pickup truck segment or sub-segment is new territory. Some might say the R1T is the undisputed leader in its segment due to its impressive performance specs, but it’s still too early to know what drivers think of the pickup truck. More importantly, the Rivian R1T and Ford F-150 Lightning are harder to get than most other truck models.

The R1T Launch Edition starts at $85,000. The average consumer may never have the opportunity to experience the electric pickup truck with a starting price like that. If you haven’t made a reservation for an F-150 Lightning, you won’t be able to experience this electric truck anytime soon either.

Until the more affordable versions of these electric trucks are readily available, it will be much harder to compare them and draw conclusions about them. Ram and Chevy also have capable contributions to the electric truck conversation, so it’s far too early for Rivian or Ford to claim victory.

The Rivian R1T may not be an option for the average consumer

A red 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition electric pickup truck is decked out on a sunny day.

The Rivian R1T Launch Edition 2022 | Charles Singh for Motor Biscuit

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Rivian has already won the electric pickup wars from a performance standpoint. It’s hard to imagine Ford or GM producing an electric truck with enough power to rival the R1T anytime soon.

Rivian might have performance in the bag, but what are the chances of its base model being as popular as an electric Ford F-150 or electric Ram 1500 in the long run? Even after federal EV tax credits, the base model of the R1T tops $60,000.

The base model Ford F-150 Lightning Pro is closer to $40,000 before any incentives. The base model Ram 1500 EV will likely be in the same price range as the base model F-150 Lightning. The base model Chevy Silverado EV is also in the same price range. The R1T might be the best truck, but it won’t be the most popular electric truck due to its high starting price.

The biggest electric truck competitors may not be in production yet

A blue 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV RST electric pickup truck drives.

The 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV RST | Chevy

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Several new electric vans will surface in the next few years. Next year will be huge for electric trucks as more models become available from different automakers. The Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian R1T should also be more readily available by 2023.

It’s unclear which electric pickup truck nameplate will dominate the competition, but 2023 could be the year of the electric truck. According to Inverse, the Silverado EV will arrive in the spring of 2023 to shake things up.

Learn more about the Silverado EV in the next article below.

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