Top Renders for the week of January 24

Every week we post a lot of renders. While some of them are previewing new models coming in the next few months, others are mostly built for fun. These imagine super futuristic creations that are unlikely to hit production lines any time soon, if ever.

Here has, we all love virtual drawing and that’s why we decided to share an additional rendering article every week. It combines the best design exercises created by our own artists, along with images provided by freelance automotive designers, students, and just plain gearheads.

We’ll update this article with new renders from the past week every Thursday. So you’ll have all the cool digital renditions at your fingertips when you want to take a quick peek into the future.

1. The facelift of the BMW X5 M

The updated X5 M will be a typical BMW job with minor visual upgrades front and rear. This render previews the performance SUV‘s updated front fascia with slimmer headlights and modified air intakes.

2.BMW X6

It’s basically more of the same thing. Much like the X5 M above, the X6 in its regular releases will continue with minimal visual revisions. Again, expect to see new headlights and different bumpers, though the cabin is expected to get a completely redesigned dashboard.

Rendering of the BMW X6 facelift

3. Two-Door GMC SUV

If you like what you see in this render, we have good news – this two-door sport utility vehicle is actually going to happen. It is currently being developed by Flat Out Autos, which is the company that built the impressive modern Chevrolet K5 Blazer.

GMC two-door SUV

4. Lexus LC Shooting Brake

Lexus is obviously never going to build something like this vehicle. However, it’s good to see designer Rain Prisk pay homage to one of our all-time favorite cars.

Lexus LC hunting brake

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