Vistiq, Lumistiq and Escalade IQL could be the future Cadillacs


It is not every time a manufacturer registers a trademark of a certain name that that name will be used. Some automakers are doing this preemptively so that no other company takes on a name they might consider using in the future, which could be what Cadillac recently did when it applied for rights. on the names Vistiq, Lumistiq and Escalade IQL.

Carbuzz discovered that in addition to the name Symboliq for which we already knew Cadillac had applied, there were three additional nominations for the names mentioned above. We don’t know which models they will be used for, or if they will even be used at all, but for Vistiq, Lumistiq the greatest likelihood is that they will be used to denote future models of electric crossovers – we don’t know. not. have some information about it, but it seems like the most logical use case.

Regarding the Escalade IQL nameplate, it seems to us that it could designate the long wheelbase version of the future Electric Escalade. It could be called the Escalade IQ and the extended wheelbase would become the IQL. The fully electric Escalade is slated to debut in 2025 and will be sold with an ICE model; it will be an electric alternative to the V8, not a replacement.

According to Driver, who was allowed to see the prototype of the upcoming Escalade EV, said it was more than just an electric version of the existing model. The post said it was less square, had a more sloped windshield, which makes sense given that it should be built on the Ultium platform, not the shared GMT1XX platform. with the GMC Yukon or the Chevrolet Suburban and Tahoe.


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