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crying macho is a 2021 western starring Clint Eastwood. This Hollywood celebrity also produced and directed the film. The story is set in 1980 and follows a retired rodeo star hired to transport a rancher’s son from his mother’s house in Mexico City to his father’s ranch in Texas. Clint Eastwood is a fan of classic trucks, so it’s no surprise that during this road action movie his character drives several beautiful vintage vehicles.

Cry Macho: Clint Eastwood drives a 1949 or 1950 Chevrolet pickup truck

1949 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup Truck | Mark RALSTON / AFP via Getty Images

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Eastwood plays a cowboy named Mike Milo. The opening scene of the film, set in 1979, shows Milo arriving at the ranch where he works. He plays country music and drives an old Chevrolet truck. Milo’s truck is either a 1949 or 1950 Chevrolet pickup.

The truck is a standard cab, light green pickup. Chevrolet outfitted it with a classic tiered bed. Milo’s truck has a floor mounted manual shifter. It looks a bit worn, bearing some patina on the chrome. But overall, it’s in surprisingly good shape after 30 years of service at the ranch. This 1950 Chevrolet is one of the most popular pickup trucks of all time. It’s the perfect vehicle for Eastwood’s character.

This truck is part of the “Advance-Design” series from Chevrolet. GM manufactured these pickups from 1947 to 1955. But Milo’s truck does not have the 1947-1949 “Thriftmaster” badges. Also, it doesn’t have the vent window that debuted in 1951. Therefore, Milo’s truck must be a late 1949 or 1950 model year pickup.

The 1976-1980 Chevrolet Suburban Silverado is the perfect SUV for a road trip

This is a vintage promotional photo of a two-tone 1985 Chevrolet Suburban.  In Cry Macho, Clint Eastwood character drives a similar Chevrolet Suburban in Mexico |  General Motors

1985 Chevrolet Suburban | General Motors

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The next scene in crying macho is a year later, probably sometime in 1980. Milo traded in his trusty Chevy truck. In his place, he drives a seventh-generation Chevrolet Suburban or “square-foot”.

Milo’s four-door SUV is finished in a two-tone beige and brown paint scheme. It has a beige vinyl interior. Someone took off their Chevrolet bowtie grille badge, but they’re still wearing their Silverado trim level badges. It is equipped with an automatic transmission.

Milo drives the full-frame SUV to Mexico to find his boss’s son. The Suburban proves to be the perfect vehicle for road trips, with plenty of room for cargo, passengers and even a chicken.

Which truck does Clint Eastwood drive in Cry Macho?  -MotorBiscuit

Clint Eastwood in crying macho | HBO

The Chevrolet Suburban is the oldest vehicle nameplate still in production. GM offered the seventh generation Suburban from 1973 to 1991, making it the oldest generation of the Suburban. Chevrolet built the Suburban on the C / K series platform and in North America only offered it as a 4-door SUV. The Milo Suburban is a “Silverado” trim level. The Suburban Silverado was not available until after the 1975 model year, so Chevy must have built this SUV between 1976 and 1980 (when the movie is set).

In Cry Macho, Clint Eastwood steals a 1963 Ford Falcon

Blue-green 1963 Ford Falcon Futura at a classic car event.  In Cry Macho, Clint Eastwood steals a 1963 Ford Falcon |  Araya Doheny / Getty Images

1963 Ford Falcon Futura | Araya Doheny / Getty Images

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[Spoiler Alert] Tragedy strikes when thieves steal Milo’s Suburban. He and his traveling companion, the son of breeder Rafo, walk to the nearest town. There, Rafo “borrows” an old Ford Falcon sedan. The two then drive the old four-door car to the border. They have mechanical problems en route and the car is torn apart during a police search. But he’s still running in the final moments of the film.

The compact car is not only mechanically proven, but also has plenty of room for their luggage and pet chicken. Its paint is a very washed blue-green color on a turquoise vinyl interior. The car appears to be equipped with a two-speed automatic transmission and an in-line six engine.

Ford built the Falcon from 1960 to 1970. The Falcon was the first compact car built by one of Detroit’s “Big Three”. But overshadowed by the Mustang, the Falcon is one of the ten most forgotten Fords. The manufacturer offered the vehicle in numerous configurations. The sedan borrowed by Mike Milo and Rafo appears to have the vertical grille slats of the 1963 Ford Falcon.

1980 Mercedes Benz 380 SEL Is Cry Macho’s Last Escape Car

Vintage promotional photo of an American Mercedes-Benz 380 SEL model for the year 1982. In Cry Macho, the character of Clint Eastwood walks away in a 380 SEL at the end of the film.  |  Daimler Company

1982 Mercedes-Benz 380 SEL | Daimler Company

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[Spoiler Alert] A henchman named Aurelio catches up with Milo and Rafo before they cross the Texas border. He drives a brand new 1980 Mercedes-Benz. The rugged Mercedes, one of the best cars for a demolition derby, is the perfect vehicle to stop Milo. Aurelio uses his powerful car to get the Falcon off the road.

But Milo and the Chicken team up to take Aurelio’s gun, then Milo steals the villain’s car. Milo drops Rafo off at the border, then returns to Mexico to dance with a woman he has met during his adventures. He may have lost his Chevrolet Suburban and totaled his borrowed Ford Falcon, but he acquired a new Mercedes Sedan. It’s a beautiful car to drive at sunset to start a new life.

This Mercedes is a black sedan with a black interior. All 380 SELs had four doors and were fitted with a V8 engine. Milo’s Mercedes badge is clearly visible. 1980 was the first year of the Mercedes 380 SEL.

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