Women in Remarketing: Roxanna Elliott of MAG Auctions/DAA Seattle

Automatic remarketing recognizes the 2022 Women in Remarketing winners in the May issue of the magazineand post Q&As with each of these outstanding leaders on the website.

Next up is Roxanna Elliott, who is Senior Director of Office and Administration at MAG Auctions/DAA Seattle.

Automotive Remarketing: What is the biggest trend you are seeing in automotive remarketing/wholesale this year?

Roxanna Elliott: Current employment statistics and hiring practices have been the main trend I have observed this year. Finding a pool of diverse and qualified/or willing to learn people has been a challenge at all levels of the automotive market. With inflation and high demand for skilled workers, it is difficult to fill positions and maintain employee morale. Since our employee engagement is so vital to customer service, we provide that we must remain diligent about employee happiness.

Automatic Remarketing: What impact has technology/innovation had the most on your specific remarketing/wholesale area?

Elliot: The continued development of national databases showing vehicle history continues to impact my field in the wholesale market. Having so much information available helps us get to key information faster, show errors sooner, and sometimes create more issues that require more time and attention.

AR: What career advice would you give to someone new to the industry?

Elliot: Being flexible and ready to change is essential in this industry. As an auction employee, customer service is what we must provide at a high level at all times and this customer service will require some flexibility as each account, customer and vendor will expect a slightly lower level of service. different.

But this flexibility and change is what makes this career exciting. Every day can bring a new challenge, and winning those little battles brings great satisfaction.

AR: What is your proudest moment/achievement, career-wise?

Elliot: My proudest moment in my career was being selected, participating and graduating from the Auction Academy. For my company to invest in my career development in this way was unexpected and I cherish every session I have been able to attend in person and online.

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